“Our label allows for an Ignite season total maximum of 87 ounces per acre, says Bayer CropScience Representative Franklin Dowless. “To the grower, that means he can make up to three postemergence applications as long as none of the three applications exceed 29 ounces,” Dowless explains.  Bayer CropScience is the company that markets LibertyLink seed and Ignite herbicide.

In a perfect world, a grower would use a 3-way split application to keep more herbicide on target weeds for a longer period of time. However, in cases in which a grower is delayed in applying an initial spray or weather conditions produce a heavy, late flush of weeds, the grower can use up to 43 ounces per acres.

The bottom line Dowless says is the Ignite label gives growers a lot of flexibility on how and when they use the material in cotton.

Cotton growers also have some new flexibility in varieties that contain the LibertyLink technology. FiberMax varieties (FM 1735LLB2 and FM 1845LLB2) that have performed well for several years are still available to growers, but this year on a limited basis, growers had an option to use Stoneville’s ST4145 LLB2 variety, with a LibertyLink and Bollguard stack.

“Our FiberMax varieties are solid, but the Stoneville genetics are ideally suited for cotton production in Virginia. Stoneville 4145 has looked good this year and gives growers some good options, especially when they are dealing with resistance problems,” Dowless says.

Whether Ignite can be used in WideStrike cotton is an often-asked question among cotton growers dealing with glyphosate resistant weeds. Legally, it can be used, but growers may lose any leverage they had should they get crop damage from using Ignite on WideStrike cotton.

There are a number of herbicide resistance programs available to growers. Regardless of what system is used, the price for managing glyphosate resistant weeds is too high, to depend on one herbicide to do the job. The best strategy will involve multiple chemical families, combined with good crop rotation and a good scouting program to recognize resistant weeds when they first appear in a field.