According to Robert Cossar, regional agronomist for Croplan Genetics, CG 3787 B2RF is getting a lot of looks for its adaptability. “It’s a true mid-maturity variety. Farmers are growing it from south of Lubbock across the Cotton Belt into south Alabama and South Georgia. Staple value is one of the highlights, measured at 37, with strength around 31 grams per tex. The variety works best on mixed grounds and lighter soil types. It doesn’t do well on heavy clays.”

Cossar has heard reports this fall of 4-bale-plus yields in the variety, from south Georgia and south Texas. “It’s been very competitive in the marketplace, and from what I’ve seen, there is a lot of 2-bale-plus to 3-bale-plus cotton out there this harvest season.”

Stauber says the variety “responds to management. A couple of applications of plant growth regulator, and it will respond very well. It has some storm tolerance, so this time of the year, growers don’t have to worry about late-season storms as much. But it’s not a showy variety.

The variety fits into the west Tennessee area, although it does get a little long on maturity.

CG 3428B2RF is a new variety that fits on the heavier soil types in the Mississippi Delta. “It’s a very easy to manage variety,” Cossar said. “The fiber matches CG 3787 B2RF. We just don’t have a lot of data on it right now because we had a limited supply for 2012.

CG 3156B2RF is a West Texas, High Plains fit “which has done well in limited water to dryland sites,” Cossar said. “But we don’t have much hard data to look at yet.”