Bayer CropScience/FiberMax and Stoneville brands

“We are seeing some real success stories with FM 1944 GL B2,” said Jeff Brehmer, U.S. marketing manager for Bayer’s Stoneville and FiberMax cotton brands.

“In the Mid-South, Southeast and even up into the Atlantic, this is going to be the variety that gives the farmer the complete package. You’ve got the glyphosate tolerant trait, and you have the LibertyLink technology, so you can spray the right rate at the right time for weed control. Then you have Bollgard II for insect protection. It’s also in the FiberMax germplasm, with high yield potential and great fiber quality.”

FM 1944 GL B2 is also finding a fit in South Texas, “making it the most adaptable variety that we have across the country,” Brehmer said. “In West Texas, whether it’s on dryland or irrigated, it’s looking really good. We're real pleased to hear what farmers are saying about this variety. We have a good supply of it for 2013.”

ST 4145 LL B2 is the first Stoneville/LibertyLink variety, and it performed well in 2012. “For 2013, we continue to see momentum building in this variety, especially in the upper Southeast or Atlantic area where it really has a nice fit. It also fits in the west Tennessee and north Delta area. It gives the farmer the LibertyLink technology, which can be really useful in controlling resistant pigweed.”

Brehmer noted that ST 5445 LL B2 “has shown great promise” in the Mid-South in 2012. “It has a background similar to ST 5458 B2 RF, so you have that high-end yield potential, good fiber quality in the LibertyLink technology.”

ST 5458 B2RF is a strong variety with nematode tolerance, “and high yield potential that is second to none, especially in the north Delta,” Brehmer said. “You will continue to see that variety in the market; however, having only Roundup Ready Flex in that variety is limiting its demand.”

In the Southwest, demand for ST 5458 B2 RF is increasing “as a niche player where you have root-knot nematode challenges,” Brehmer said.

ST 5288 B2RF “has been an extremely strong variety for many years in Louisiana,” he said. “We’re continuing to see that. Of course we’re hoping that Louisiana can maintain their cotton acreage in 2013.”

FM 2011 GT has emerged “as a real workhorse” in west Texas, Brehmer noted. “It is a glyphosate-only technology, but it is a real game changer. It has root-knot nematode tolerance, is fairly tight in the burr, which farmers like, but its upper-end yield potential is phenomenal. We’re looking at a 10 percent yield advantage over the standard, FM 9058 F.

“We’re also seeing consistent performance out of FM 2484 B2F in the Southwest, with great results on both dryland and irrigated acres. It has high-end yield potential and good fiber quality.”

FM 2989 GL B2 is also a high performer for the Southwest, according to Brehmer. “It has a plant type closer to the ‘989’ types. It has good Verticillium wilt tolerance, can go on dryland and irrigated acres, and you can spray both Liberty and glyphosate over the top.”