“I wasn’t sure about this variety once it began to open up, but after it was stripped, you could see that it performed very well, and I was pleased with the results,” said Nichols. “I’m glad it will be commercialized. I think it can perform across good-irrigated fields and light-water situations. It can cover a lot of acres out here. We’re hitting three bales to the acre or better with it. I am excited about this variety and the DP 1321 B2RF, which really looked good on our farm, too. We’ll want to plant both these varieties in 2013 for sure.”

The NPE farmers “are helping Deltapine continue in its commitment to bringing better-performing, NPE-proven varieties to the market, improving the overall yield average and fiber quality for the entire industry,” Gholston added. Farmers growing for top-end yield potential in 2013 will plant the proven Deltapine varieties.”

To learn more about Deltapine cotton varieties, go to www.deltapine.com.

Seed Source Genetics brand

Seed Source Genetics is offering several conventional varieties for 2013. CT Linwood, a mid-early conventional with good fiber qualities grown in the Southeast region with high yield potential; UA 222, a mid-early, with staple length of 35 to 38, which has a fit in both the Southeast and Mid-South. Seed may be in short supply for 2013.

HQ210CT is a mid-early variety grown in the Mid-South and Southeast, while HQ110CT, an early variety, has primarily been planted in the Southeast.  Conventional varieties from Seed Source Genetics that fared well in the Southwest this season include HQ210CT, UA 222 and UA 103, an okra leaf line.

For more information, see www.seedsourcegenetics.com.