Cotton Incorporated has posted four recently-completed videos in the Cotton Harvest Systems section of their website ( related to cotton harvesting and maintenance of picker harvesters.

The first video covers the three current seed cotton storage and handling systems; the traditional system using boll buggies and module builders; and the two new on-board module-building harvest machines from Case IH and John Deere.

The remaining three videos deal with spindle-type cotton harvesters/pre-season maintenance procedures.

Specifically, they feature 1) proper row unit tilt positions of front and rear spindles; 2) maintenance of spindles and spindle bushings and; 3) bar height and condition.

“These videos provide a way to communicate some complex tasks in a short amount of time and they also are allowing us a unique way to capture the knowledge of experts such as Herb Willcutt, who recently retired from Mississippi State University,” states Ed Barnes, director, agricultural research, Cotton Incorporated.

To access the videos directly, log onto