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How I helped delay Obamacare


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• The Obama administration announced right before the July 4 holiday it was delaying until 2015 the healthcare overhaul lovingly called Obamacare.

My story on healthcare reform now is for the most part a moot thing. Kind of like an extra pinky toe. Cute to some. Grotesque to others.  For the most part, useless or just plain confusing. A target to get stumped in the hallway on the way to the bathroom at night.

I should have known better. Took a gamble that Washington was actually going to go through with something, whether I liked it or not. If you’re going to attempt to write about Washington these days, particularly the policies that have ag anywhere near them, well, confusion and disappointment might be the real truth to the story.

Here’s a little truth, or some consistency which is truth’s first cousin: Washington is finally getting some balance if you will, a ying-yang kind of thing. The farm bill died in the House and is on the verge of being extended once again for another year. Extended. Obamacare’s being postponed, or halted, so to speak. Washington has reached a very Zen-like stance at this time: Sitting cross-legged on the floor, eyes closed and chanting the same thing over and over and caught between two opposing forces. Or in other words, not doing a thing.

So, if you worried about what Obamacare was going to do to you or the country, you’re welcome. I got it delayed at least for another year. If you were looking forward to its Jan. 1, 2014 launch, well, sorry.

Do I really think I magically postponed Obamacare? Of course I don’t believe that. No more than I believe I can help the Atlanta Braves pull out a win by not breathing between pitches in the ninth inning. I’m a fisherman and a sports fan. I’m superstitious, but not that much.

Do I really think an ag journalist can stop a drought by writing about? You bet. Seen it happen too many times.


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