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Jan 12, 2012

Labor laws hurting more than agriculture2

Amidst state enactment of highly restricted migrant labor laws comes announcement by the Department of Labor that new, equally restrictive, Federal....More
Jan 09, 2012

Education, farmers’ willingness to learn remain keys to the success of agriculture

One of the most profound misconceptions I’ve had the pleasure of disproving over the years is that farmers are resistant to change, or that they’re....More
Dec 27, 2011

Back to the farm for young professionals

Seems like a small exodus has begun away from mega companies that treat employees like numbers and back to rural America, where folks can at least....More
Dec 23, 2011

When guidelines become regulations: tackling the EPA’s sleight-of-hand

Regulatory issues are likely to continue to be an area of skirmishing as discussions for the 2012 farm bill go forward, members of the Mississippi....More
Dec 09, 2011

Government proposal jeopardizes rural life, work ethic

Some wounds were caused during work as a teenager on the Blake family’s ‘choose and cut’ Christmas tree farm — the state’s oldest Christmas tree....More
Dec 07, 2011

ROL (return on life) an important factor when making farm decisions

If I had a nickel for every farmer I’ve interviewed, every meeting I’ve attended, and especially every session on agricultural economics I’ve sat....More
Dec 05, 2011

Christmas without the giant, green toilet bowl brush

The Christmas decorations have come down from the attic, including a 7-foot plastic tree with pre-hung lights. When it’s put together, it will grace....More
Dec 02, 2011

State legislatures create problems with strict immigration reforms3

With the issue of migrant farm labor hitting a fever-pitch in the Southeast — especially in states like Alabama and Georgia — it might be a good time....More
Dec 01, 2011

The best Christmas gifts don’t come from the mall or online browsing

Christmases past: the best gifts didn't come from the mall or online ordering....More
Nov 29, 2011

A farmer's profile in courage

I spent a few minutes with Karen and Dalton Dildine during the tour, and I left wondering how any person can dig deep enough into their inner....More
Nov 21, 2011

DeMint’s amendment to repeal check-offs – is he serious?1

South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint entered an amendment to Congress to terminate 20 commodity check-off programs. Is he serious? Apparently so....More
Nov 18, 2011

Marauding insects underscore need for Land-Grants1

Brown marmorated stink bugs, commonly called Asian stink bugs, are moving from north to south and have already made it from Pennsylvania to central....More
Nov 15, 2011

In America, we can still clean house1

The government has gotten too big, the Tea Party says. Greed has run amuck in America contends the Occupy Wall Street movement. But could today’s....More
Nov 10, 2011

2011 Cotton Photo Contest Winners Announced1

We have had a wonderful response to our first photo contest and the winners of the Cotton photo contest are announced....More
Nov 09, 2011

Two seemingly unrelated events closely connected

Two singularly unique and remarkably important events have occurred, which, at first glance, may seem to be unrelated but, on closer consideration,....More
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