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drones, mapping, crops, wealth, information
Oct 24, 2013

On-farm remote sensing will be more valuable in the future

In about 30 minutes the drone had mapped a 100 acre or so field of soybeans, providing a wealth of information about the crop....More
Oct 23, 2013

Trip to Sunbelt Ag Expo renews faith in humankind

The same fresh air of cooperation, friendliness and a general celebration of the human spirit was in full view at the Sunbelt Ag Expo, especially....More
Savannah, Harbor, deeper, ag, exports
Oct 14, 2013

Six feet makes big difference in U.S. ag exports

Savannah Harbor is a top U.S. port for ag exports. But with only a 42-foot drift for ships to pass, it is the shallowest major harbor in North....More
Oct 13, 2013

Getting the truth out about peanut allergies1

“We’re going to try and clear up the confusion about peanut allergies and encourage people to get the proper diagnosis."....More
Oct 08, 2013

Don't let daunting plant diversity scare you out of the woods

The best way to become a master naturalist is to spend as much time in the woods as possible....More
Government, shutdown, food, supply, safety
Oct 02, 2013

Government shutdown endangers nation's food supply1

The ongoing Federal government shutdown is a man-made disaster, but few in Congress seem willing to compromise enough to make the ever-looming larger....More
Sep 30, 2013

Farm tour is reminder of long-standing tradition in Alabama

In a year in which farmers in this region have seen record rainfall amounts and emerging insect and disease pests, the crops tour – in its 35th year....More
peanut, yields, Georgia, tour
Sep 20, 2013

5,000-plus-pound peanuts just danged pretty in a field

Freshly dug 5,000-plus-pound-per-acre peanuts still fluffy sitting on top of the ground is just danged pretty....More
Tom, Isleib, peanut, breeder, North-Carolina, survived, stroke
Sep 16, 2013

Tom Isleib: A profile in courage

North Carolina State University peanut breeder Tom Isleib beat a life-threatening stroke and continues to develop new varieties for growers in the....More
heavy, rainfall, crops, Southeast, damage, flooding
Sep 11, 2013

Wet weather too much for some crops

Mother Nature has shown her rainy side, and in some instances it’s been a very gloomy story this year....More
Extension, soybeans, rust, Alabama
Sep 10, 2013

Extension's response to disease threat shows its value to farming

Having taught occasionally at the college level, I’ve learned a thing or two about the challenges of devising an effective system of learning that....More
Sep 03, 2013

Dead battery, copperheads … and little secrets

"I got something you need to see. I think it is a copperhead snake,” she said in a nice but in a “nobody’s leaving here until we address this” sort....More
John, Beasley, Auburn, Georgia, swap
Aug 30, 2013

From 'Go Dawgs' to 'War Eagle' for John Beasley

In this particular case, Auburn’s win is in the form of University of Georgia Extension peanut agronomist John Beasley, who is retiring from UGA at....More
Aug 28, 2013

Soybean Rust Army ready in the Upper Southeast

Asian soybean rusts is further north in late August than ever before, and combined with late planted double crop beans, it poses a bigger risk than....More
Aug 23, 2013

Lightning is deadly serious

The men were just 25 and 29, way too young to pass, victims of a terrible accident just doing good, hard work with their hands but at the wrong place....More
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