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Sep 02, 2014

Recipe for a wild Friday night along the creekside

Need a recipe for a wild Friday night? Try combining two 12-year-old boys who love to explore, a creek full of late summer flood water and a homeless....More
Aug 26, 2014

"Right to farm" could soon be seen in other states

Measures such as the "Right to Farm" amendment recently passed in Missouri could soon be seen in other states....More
Aug 19, 2014

Herbicide resistant, yeah, but what about hoe resistant?

The best made and implemented weed management strategies fall short of perfect. Weeds, particularly Palmer amaranth, will take advantage of any....More
Aug 15, 2014

Ga. Peanut Commission ‘no share’ motion right move

Painstaking and expensive research has positioned the U.S. as a dominant player in the world peanut market, but maintaining that competitive edge....More
kayak, fishing, saltwater
Aug 11, 2014

Catching a connection from a kayak

If you’re looking to add some true depth to your fishing forays this summer, try your hand at kayak fishing....More
Aug 08, 2014

Ebola virus hit with ‘tobacco juice’

Score a big one for the ingenuity which turned some special tobacco juice into a lifesaving Ebola serum and a remarkable plant into a way to....More
Aug 01, 2014

Try to do better with what you have, advises long-time farmer

I’ve interviewed many farmers over the years who talk about having to grow to survive and they’re not exaggerating, especially the younger guys who....More
Jul 29, 2014

Skeeter bit: Explaining the dangers of “Chihuahua” fever

“Daddy, a skitter bit me. I think I got Chihuahua fever now.”....More
Jul 14, 2014

Southeast could help ease burden of over-centralized production

This is certainly not to suggest a wholesale relocation of the Corn Belt to the Southeast, but there’s potential here for some expansion of....More
Jul 02, 2014

Diversity of U.S. farming seen in 2014 Peanut Profitability winners

They’re a true microcosm of U.S. farming, in all of its glorious variety....More
Jun 28, 2014

Lonesome oak is lasting tribute to father, friend

Thank you, Lonesome, for befriending three generations of Beardens. We promise you will never feel Lonesome again....More
Jun 23, 2014

Why farmers irrigate in the rain and police officers like donut shops

“It was raining, and he had the irrigation running in the field. Why?” That’s what an urban-leaning friend of mine asked me recently, referring to....More
Jun 04, 2014

Sundown is show time for a host of wildlife

While the rest of the world is preparing for evening repose, these pond inhabitants are preparing to take advantage of the upcoming period of....More
Jun 02, 2014

Retired professor writes of Alabama's agricultural shortcomings

“It was obvious U.S. agriculture was in serious trouble, but the situation in Alabama was even worse."....More
May 28, 2014

Will Extension get another 100 years?

Weekly, if not daily during certain times of the year, successful farmers I speak to tell me their one tried-and-true trick for success: “I....More
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