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Feb 21, 2011

Farm groups stepping up education efforts

Farm groups are urging members to contact members of the House and Senate to ask them to consider changes to the more draconian measures in H.R. 1....More
Feb 21, 2011

I remember picking cotton as a kid but it wasn’t worth $2 a pound in ‘53

If cotton had been selling for $2 a pound when I was a kid, my whole life might have changed. One of my first memories is picking cotton with my mom....More
Feb 16, 2011

China's changing labor and wage picture an influence on economies worldwide

China's changing labor and wage picture an influence on economies worldwide....More
Feb 15, 2011

World food shortage a scary thing

Without significant changes in commercial agriculture world populations and demographic changes will leave us without enough food in the coming years....More
Feb 15, 2011

World Ag Expo hangover: achy bones, upright thumbs

2011 World Ag Expo in Tulare, Calif. - fun, successful, well attended, and well organized....More
Feb 08, 2011

Tough love as penny-pinching of budget cuts begins

Tough love of penny-pinching begins to trickle down as Congress begins budget-cutting process....More
Feb 03, 2011

It’s a good day to work from home

On days like this I’m glad I work from home....More
Jan 31, 2011

Chinese cotton crop looking for a home, any home

Chinese storing cotton in their homes is a sign of how valuable the white fiber has become....More
Jan 26, 2011

Optimism returns at Beltwide Cotton Conferences

Cotton producers at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences in Atlanta were brimming with optimism over high cotton prices. Glyphosate-resistant Palmer....More
Jan 24, 2011

Trip to BCS National Championship Game about more than just football

For those of you who are not college football fans, and for those who are but who were not cheering for Auburn University on Jan. 10, allow me a....More
Jan 18, 2011

One hungry planet

One hungry planet--a foreboding possibility for our future....More
Jan 12, 2011

Dick Winters, a true American hero, dead at 92

Major Dick Winters, hero of Band of Brothers book, TV series, has died....More
Jan 11, 2011

Another Beltwide success story1

We have achy feet, sore backs, bloodshot eyes and tinges of carpal tunnel syndrome from relentless typing and scribbling notes. Acid reflux has been....More
Jan 04, 2011

Cotton industry loses leader with death of Billy Carter

Billy Carter was a cotton man. His death January 1, leaves a giant footprint on the cotton industry....More
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