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Sep 26, 2011

Whether it’s cheap offshore labor or robots, U.S. jobs outlook isn't bright

Talk about great timing: How much worse could it have been that, at the same time President Obama was unveiling his jobs creation package, Bank of....More
Sep 14, 2011

Cars will consume more corn this year than livestock and poultry

For the first time in history, more of the U.S. corn crop is expected to be consumed by automobiles this coming year than by livestock and poultry....More
Sep 09, 2011

At $5 billion yearly, the public may wonder: Is Congress worth the cost?

So, OK, we all know that used car salespeople and lobbyists have always been at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of how the public views....More
Sep 08, 2011

Wasteful government spending draws criticism in report

Government says wasteful spending has marked wars in Afghanistan and Iraq....More
Sep 02, 2011

Social media offers insights into organic farming

Social media can sometimes provide a colossal opportunity to fritter away time that could better be used to accomplish a bit of work....More
Sep 01, 2011

Some public servants do their work in secret

Three environmental organizations have filed suit in federal court to stop the planting of genetically-modified crops on federal lands in the South....More
Aug 31, 2011

Oil from the reserve: Was it an emergency or just politics?

How have you spent all the money you’ve saved on gasoline this summer as a result of the president ordering the release of 30 million barrels of oil....More
Aug 19, 2011

Summertime, swimming holes, watermelons and chigger bites

Summer offered three months of near unfettered freedom to roam the woods, fish and swim in the creek, play baseball most every day and read books....More
Aug 17, 2011

Abandoned cotton acres recall the great plow-up of 1933

In 1933, a plow-up campaign to improve cotton prices resulted in a loss of 28 percent of the cotton crop and over 3 million bales. While total....More
Aug 11, 2011

Good times for farm prices, but costs keep upward climb

Good times for farm prices, but costs keep upward climb....More
Aug 04, 2011

The debt ceiling farce: straining at gnats, accomplishing not much of anything

The debt ceiling farce: straining at gnats, accomplishing not much of anything....More
Jul 29, 2011

Rural population decline poses ag program challenges

Farm spending makes a great target when so much of the U.S. budget is off limits. A recent report from the non-profit Population Reference Bureau....More
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