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Hemp research expands to find use in food, dietary supplements
Kentucky farm research looks at Cannabinoids, such as hemp-based cannabidiol, that can be used in food and dietary supplements for consumer health and wellness benefits.
Kentucky producer talks about why he invested in on-farm grain storage
In the past four years, Lee Robey has nearly doubled his grain storage capacity. “It does give you flexibility, and in most cases, futures prices and basis will pay for your storage costs and facility maintenance."
Kentucky farmer looks at controlled drainage to improve corn fields, yields
Controlled drainage structures are like putting a stopper into the drainage tile. The water percolates up and stays in the soil profile so it would be available to the plants during drought conditions.
Kentucky irrigation interest gains after another bad corn year
Irrigated acres have doubled in the past five years in Kentucky but still remain under 10 percent of the state’s total acreage. A study funded by the Kentucky Corn Promotion Council and industry, focuses on corn’s response to irrigation, high seeding rates and different nitrogen rates.
Kentucky tobacco growers get blue mold warning
Blue mold confirmed on burley tobacco in Mason, Lewis and Clay counties in Kentucky in the past several days. The disease was found on multiple leaves with older lesions and new lesions with active spores.
Kentucky corn dropping ears due to rain lack
Early indications pointed toward a bin-busting year for Kentucky corn growers, but some of the state’s corn is beginning to drop ears due to a lack of rain during grain fill.
Kentucky’s 2014 wheat harvest good and bad
Mother Nature threw some curve balls to the wheat crop over the growing season. Now at harvest time, some growers are finding out their crop safely weathered the season, while others are discovering they struck out.
Spring weather finally arrives to relieve Kentucky cattle
Most Kentucky cows need to improve body condition, so they will be able to sustain a pregnancy, and cattle producers want to get cows bred in the next few weeks.
Cut Kentucky hay now for best quality
Many Kentucky producers went into the winter of 2013-2014 thinking they had enough good quality hay to sustain their livestock. Before the end of winter, some found that they needed more or that their hay quality was not as good as they had previously thought.
Kentucky Grazing School is May 21-22
The 2014 Kentucky Grazing School will be May 21-22 at the Woodford County office of the University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.
Kentucky fumigation workshop to cover grain storage issues
To help producers operate their storage structures more effectively, the University of Kentucky grain science working group will host a fumigation workshop Tuesday, May 13 at the UK Research and Education Center in Princeton.
Frozen soil nitrogen loss suspected in delayed Kentucky wheat
As of March 20, much of the Kentucky's wheat crop has only reached Feekes 2 or 3. Compared to most years, this is about a two to three week delay in growth. Weather and lost nitrogen to blame.
New subsurface poultry litter works for no-till corn
A new poultry litter application method injects dry litter directly into the soil by using a subsurface litter application implement developed by USDA-ARS.
Locally grown meats getting more popular, profitable in Kentucky
Kentucky producers of beef, chicken and pork are seeing the demand for local products increase.
plant, disease, resistance, components, key
Kentucky researchers identify key component in plant disease resistance
Knowing the necessary components to disease resistance in plants could lead to better disease-resistant crop varieties that could help farmers.
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